What To Expect

Initial meeting: This meeting is for you to express your wants and needs for the proposed project.  Together, we will review your goals and discuss its feasibility.  We will create a detailed program that incorporates the goals of your project.

Project Evaluation: The property’s plot plan and location will be reviewed for compliance with local zoning and building ordinances.  Based upon the type of project, an evaluation of the soil conditions, existing structure including foundation may be required.  Once all the parameters are determined, a reevaluation of your project’s program may occur.  If the program is not in compliance, we will offer an alternate design.

Conceptual Design: Using your program, the home, alteration or addition project will be designed.  Together we will review floor plans and elevations for the project.  Your design preferences are important to the final design.

Construction Documents: These are the drawings that detail how your project is to be constructed.  They can be given to contractors for pricing or competitive bids.  The contractors will use these drawings to construct your project.

Bidding: Upon the client’s request, contractors with a strong performance record will be recommended.